Roy Russell, Elder

Roy became a member of the Church of Christ in 1972 at the Central church of Christ in Norfolk, Virginia.  He retired from the Navy in 1975 and moved to Smithfield, Virginia in 1976.  The Smithfield congregation first met in Roy's home in 1976.  He attended monthly mens business meeting to conduct the business of the church.  He served as Treasurer for many years and helped oversee the Bond Program for purchasing church property.  Roy has led singing, prayer, served at the Lord's table, made announcements, and helped maintain church building and grounds."

Roy retired from VEPCO in 2000 and moved to Deland, Florida in 2002. He attended Spring Garden Avenue church of Christ. Roy attended monthly mens business meetings to conduct business of the Church. He was assigned to help conduct church services and helped to maintain church building and grounds.

Roy moved to Franklin, Virginia in 2006. He enjoys fishing, gardening, coin collecting and blue grass music. Roy is an all around handyman.

Roy was selected to serve as a Deacon in October of 2009.