Harry Chavis, Elder

Harry was born in Bennettsville, SC. He goes by the nickname of Jabo.  Harry is one of 9 children, seven boys and two girls, in which he was number 5.  Harry's parents are not in the Church as his mother goes to holiness church.  Harry's grandfather on his mother's side was a holiness preacher until he died.

Harry married Debbie Cox on December 13, 1975. Harry and Debbie had two sons, Harry Jr, and Phillip.

Harry became a member of the Lord's Church on Memorial Day, 1976, at 12:10 am. He has been a song leader since 1978 even though he does not know how to read music.

Harry became a deacon in the 90's along with Tom Miller and Keiith Stacy. Harry became an elder in 2009.

Harry enjoys singing and playing golf. He enjoys getting together with Christians and having fun. Harry states, "I believe that Christians can laugh and have fun also."